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The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is an internationally recognized, non-dilutive source of support for startups in the global blockchain ecosystem and now leads our 3rd pillar on community & entrepreneurship for Berkeley’s multi-disciplinary, campus-wide initiative on web3 and decentralization — Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence (RDI).

Also, UC Berkeley has been ranked the #1 university for blockchain in the US for a second year in a row!

Xcelerator Next Cohort Announcement Coming Soon!

The Xcelerator was thrilled with the new applications received for the next cohort. Interviews are currently wrapping up. News on the 2024 cohort coming soon!!

Follow-on funding by our 100 past teams continues to grow with now over $620M+ raised; read on for the latest news below and visit our Portfolio to learn more!

Xcelerator Alum Teams Updates

Supra Raises $24M as the Ultimate Intralayer for Automated Cross-chain Communications

Supra announced a $24M early-stage raise led by blue chips Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, HashKey, and more. DORA, Supra’s Oracle price feeds, are currently live on 7 Mainnets: Arbitrum, Fuse, Kava, SUI, Syscoin L1, Syscoin Rollux, and Boba BNB — and have partnered with Google Cloud to provide real-time price data for dApps. Moreover, Supra’s Distributed Verifiable Random Function (DVRF) service is available on 10 Mainnets: Arbitrum, Avax, Base, BSC, DFK, Klaytn, DogeChain, Mantle, Optimism, and Polygon.

As the ultimate intralayer, Supra optimizes the validation and flow of tamper-proof data for automated, cross-chain communications.

Over 250,000 participants were KYC’d and joined Supra’s Countdown to Blast Off, a gamified learn-to-earn airdrop campaign leading up to the $SUPRA token’s Oct. 25 public sale.

To learn more click here.

Eluvio Receives Industry Best of Show Award at IBC 2023 for its Media Wallet

Content Fabric pioneer, Eluvio, received the “Best of Show” Award at the 2023 IBC Show for the Eluvio Media Wallet for Connected TV, powered by the Eluvio Content Fabric. The awards were judged by a panel of industry experts on the criteria of innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the media and entertainment industry.

The Content Fabric is an open and decentralized, streaming, content distribution, and storage network built for the third generation Internet. The Fabric delivers live streams with deterministic end-to-end latencies under 3 seconds globally to standard streaming clients (DASH/HLS over HTTP), and provides a complete full-featured media stack to publish, store and deliver premium live streaming, PVOD, and FAST Channel streaming at scale.

Powered by the Content Fabric, the Media Wallet is a consumer application and embeddable API for discovering, streaming, owning, and enjoying content directly from its publishers. It is available on web/mobile browsers, and across all major Connected TV platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. With more than 1,600 device platforms and growing, the Wallet is a universal personal media vault that expands the streaming and unique content ownership features of the Eluvio Content Fabric to mainstream consumers at scale.

For more information click here.

Nodle announces ContentSign -
Verifying Authenticity of Real-World Media

ContentSign, built on Nodle, will be used to verify videos, images, and data as authentic to meet White House requirements regarding content attestation around AI. Working with Adobe and the Linux Foundation, Nodle’s solution proves the authenticity of real world content at the moment of capture.

ContentSign authenticates media content by generating a cryptographic signature and pushing a certificate to a public blockchain. It proves the integrity of data from its moment of capture and supports C2PA, the protocol from the Content Authenticity Initiative led by Adobe and the Linux Foundation.

To find out more click here.

AltLayer, the Leading Rollup Infra, launches ZK and Turbo, 400,000+ Deployed, 20+ Partnerships

AltLayer launched TURBO, a custom rollup framework for Autonomous Worlds, to elevate on-chain gaming with features like near-instant confirmation time, dynamic block production rate, zero-gas, horizontal scaling, burner wallet management system & more. Read more here.

RISC Zero is working with AltLayer to bring “on-demand” ZK fraud proofs to optimistic rollups. This project is based on the idea of replacing fault proofs in optimistic rollups with cryptographic proofs, such as proofs are generated only when there is a challenge. Click here to learn more.

AltLayer signed 20 partnerships recently- including infra providers (Arbitrum, EigenLayer, Celestia, Avail, Radius), gaming entities (Cometh, Polychain Monsters, Blade DAO), interoperability enablers like Hyperlane/OP Stack, and SDK additions (Singularity, ARPA, Soverign SDK, Tally). Find more information here.

AltLayer released their proprietary API/SDK suite for programmatic access to customized rollups. To learn more click here.

With 500K+ followers on Twitter, AltLayer’s global presence is visibly growing. They hosted Rollup Day Paris and Rollup Day Singapore. Rollup Frontier Day in Istanbul is shaping up to be even bigger!

Source Network Launches OPEN Quest- A Gamified Community Platform

After a beta launch and many months of careful preparation, Source Network officially launched OPEN Quest, a new strategic gamified community layer that revolves around the Source Network community, products, content, and much more. OPEN Quest fuses the arts of blockchain and gamified community, carving out a new path for web3 adventurers to dive into a journey where learning, building, and contributing are rewarded.

Check out the launch post, to read the OPEN Quest origin story, and to become a Sourcerer! Stay tuned for more 🔮

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