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  • Elijah Tai

    Elijah Tai

    @Shopify. @UofT computer science

  • Jake Czajkowski

    Jake Czajkowski

    PhD Mechanical Engineering candidate, Colorado School of Mines. Studying Autonomous Robotics. Interested in neural networks, EVs and colonizing Mars.

  • The Cryptofessor

    The Cryptofessor

  • alex soriano

    alex soriano

  • Maurice Kügler

    Maurice Kügler

  • Karin Bauer

    Karin Bauer

  • Luis Silva

    Luis Silva

    Ingeniero por educación, marketer por oportunidad y ejecutor de proyectos por decision. Aspirante a lider de producto. Thinking Next5B. SocietiesThrive^Tech

  • GA


    CTO of Cloud Technical Solutioning Unit for IBM covering North America | Member IBM Academy of Technology. Tweets are mine.

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